Universal Basic Income, 2017. A video created by Amazing co-narrated with Amazon speech bots. 


Part product launch, part exhibition, part interactive event, Reserved for Engineering was a meditation on the speed, quantity, and spectacle of production and distribution. Wallace intervenes in these systems by addressing labor through the self-created company Amazing, recording testimonials of employees hired by the artist, and displaying a video of the first delivery of artwork by drone. Viewers will shuffle through the gallery turned Fulfillment Center, navigating a space of customized pizza boxes, drone surveillance, and employees sorting and stocking cultural goods, all the while feeding the network created by the space that is Reserved for Engineering.
Opening November 18th at This Friday or Next Friday in Dumbo, Brooklyn.

Amazing introduction advertisement, Duration: 2:50, 2017

First drone delivery of art to a gallery. Filmed October 18th, 2016 at around 8:00am ET in Dumbo, Brooklyn.

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