Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Is Amazing a real company?

A: We are a real startup in the form of an ongoing conceptual, idealogical artwork. Our beta launch was November 18th, 2016 in Brooklyn, New York. We were founded based on the question, why can't an artwork be a startup brand? And, if we were exploring the future of technology, a startup made perfect sense to us as the way to conduct that research.

Q: Where are your headquarters?

A: We are presently headquartered in Brooklyn. 

Q: Are you hiring or looking for partners?

We’re always looking for the right partners to work with. We are inspired by imagining a more equal and just world. If you would like to chat and share ideas,  send us an introduction email to

Q: What is your vision and mission?

A: We are committed to analyzing technology's impact on society with the vision of imagining a more equal and just world. Our day to day mission is to create conceptual interventions that critique and explore moments and territories within accelerated capitalism. 

Q: What are your values?


1.     Equality – We imagine a world where people co-exist with technology and more companies value equality as much as valuation.

2.     Engagement – we seek to participate in dialogue about the issues within labor and equality with technology, business, political and academic leaders.

3.     Creativity - we seek to make creative and ethically responsible interventions to get our message out.